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Supporting medical research through legacy giving

Over the years, the Lions Medical Research Foundation has provided much-needed funding to support medical research that can improve the course of treatments for life-threatening diseases. By assisting with medical research, we hope to help in the discovery of advanced life-saving treatments that will eventually improve the health conditions of people in every part of the world.

As a non-profit organisation, however, the Lions Medical Research Foundation receives no government funding. To show your support for our medical research cause, you can opt to donate to medical research, including giving bequests through your will. For those who are interested to learn more about bequest giving, we have compiled a helpful summary for you below.

What is a bequest or legacy giving?

By definition, a bequest is another term for legacy giving, which is a gift that you can allocate or leave to any beneficiary of your choice through your will. With it signified on your will, you agree to offer a financial gift of any size to your chosen beneficiary to be awarded after your passing.

If you want to leave a lasting legacy, a bequest for medical research funding of the Lions Medical Research Foundation could be a great option. Through legacy giving or leaving a bequest, you can help us make a difference in improving medical conditions across the globe through medical research.

How will my bequest help support medical research?

While the medical research cause of the Lions Medical Research Foundation may be noble, the organisation is primarily non-profit and is yet to receive state funding. As such, the organisation relies on the active involvement of our members who participate in medical research funding in their voluntary capacity. At present, we also welcome other sources of funding to help us further our medical research objectives—including receiving gifts or bequests.

A gift or bequest of any amount provided to the Lions Medical Research Foundation goes a long way. With this, you can help us support medical research fellowship awards to medical experts in many fields. The medical research funding also enables them to build a strong medical research portfolio, which is crucial to grant us the government funding offering better financial assistance to further medical research for treatment discoveries in the future.

Support the Lions Medical Research Foundation today

You can help us further support medical research in discovering future treatments for various life-threatening diseases with your gifts and bequests. For those keen to support our medical research cause through legacy giving or leaving a bequest, you can get in touch with our friendly team today or visit our website for information on how you can donate online.

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