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Medical research into Ovarian Cancer

The Lions Medical Research Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to providing medical research funding for potential innovative treatments of life-threatening diseases. With medical research discovering critical life-saving treatments, we hope to improve the health conditions of individuals across the globe.

Through the years, we have granted medical research fellowships to over fifty medical experts in their respective fields. Among these medical fields is Ovarian Cancer, a life-threatening illness affecting women all over the world. Seeing the need for its advanced treatments and detecting tools, we awarded these medical research grants specifically addressing this cause to Associate Professor Carlos Salomon.

What is Ovarian Cancer?

According to the Cancer Council website, Ovarian Cancer is a fatal disease in women characterised by a malignant tumour present in her ovary. The disease comes in a wide range of types, including Epithelial Ovarian Cancer 

Over time, ovarian cancer cells can metastasise and spread to other parts of the women’s body, making it harder to treat. If undiagnosed after a long period of time, the disease can advance into more serious stages, leading to death. Ovarian Cancer continues to be a leading cause of death in women around the globe. In Australia alone, this type of cancer was the cause of more than 900 deaths of women in 2018.

The survival rate of Ovarian Cancer depends not only on the patient’s reaction to its treatments but also on the stage of its discovery. As the disease is hard to treat in its late stages, a crucial step for survival is to diagnose the disease in its earlier and treatable stage.

Medical research into Ovarian Cancer 

To develop medical treatments and support the early detection of Ovarian Cancer, Lions Medical Research Foundation awarded two fellowships over the past 5 years to Associate Professor Carlos Salomon in support of his medical research for its treatments and early detection involving extracellular vesicles known as exosomes.

Providing a microscopic view of its relative cellular environment, exosomes serve as an ideal biomarker of abnormal processes that can signal the growth and presence of cancer cells in the body. By running a specialised blood test, exosomes are extracted to confirm Ovarian Cancer even before the onset of evident symptoms for the disease, thus leading to its early detection. With this medical research, the fatal illness is caught and treated early under stages with higher survival rates.

With the present success of his medical research using human exosomes as biomarkers for Ovarian Cancer, Associate Professor Carlos Salomon has received numerous recognitions in the medical research field.

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