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Every Donation Counts

Help find a cure by supporting medical research. The research fellowships we support lead to life-saving discoveries, improving quality of life for patients, and reducing costs to society.

Examples of fields of research we support include:

  • medical-report-1
    Parkinson's disease
  • medical-report-1
    Kidney disease
  • medical-report-1
  • medical-report-1
  • medical-report-1
  • medical-report-1
    Cervical cancer
  • medical-report-1
  • medical-report-1
  • medical-report-1
    Cord Blood
  • medical-report-1
    In-vitro corneal transplant
  • medical-report-1
    Bone & joint disease
  • medical-report-1
    Ovarian Cancer

Lions Medical Research Foundation

This research has contributed to a greater understanding of diseases, their causes and treatments, and improved methods of treatment and prevention.

Lions Medical Research Foundation adheres to the objectives and ethics of Lions Clubs International on behalf of its constituent members, the Lions Clubs of Queensland and Northern NSW. Lions Medical Research Foundation is outcomes-focused, responsive to community needs and committed to excellence in all activities.

Ways to Donate

There are many ways to donate to our foundation. Some of our accepted donation methods include:


Fundraising for medical research

Our foundation requires continuous financial support to sustain its mission, and partnerships are the key to all fundraising undertaken. Lions Clubs across Queensland and Northern NSW are vital to our success and we aim to work in partnership with these clubs at all times. Many clubs work closely with us, providing support through regular fundraising activities in their districts, or by contributing to annual appeals, such as Spring for Research.

We also form external partnerships with a range of companies and individuals who can assist with fundraising. The Royal on the Park is one such example. In the past, the hotel has been the venue for the Personality Quest Grand Final each year, but despite the cancellation of the Quest, the hotel continues to support our foundation through donation boxes placed around the hotel and via sales of the Albert and Alice Teddy Bears. Whenever our foundation is supported, strong partnerships are at its core. We thank all our supporters and partners who continue to work with us.

There are many other ways to assist such as fashion parades, sausage sizzles or movie nights. Organising your own fundraiser is not only a lot of fun, but it's a great way to work in the community and extremely rewarding. If you're passionate about raising money for medical research, then we'd love to hear from you.

Drop A Coin Campaign

As the name suggests, this campaign is based on the concept of simply dropping a coin in a bucket. Coin collection is a successful and long-held form of local fundraising.

Lions Clubs are asked to participate in the Drop A Coin campaign by approaching local pubs and clubs, requesting their permission to collect coins from patrons at agreed times.

The objective is not just a one-off event. Our goal is to establish a strong relationship with pubs and clubs in local areas around Queensland and Northern NSW to create an opportunity for further campaigns with the ultimate goal of making this an annual program.

All you need to do as a first step is register your club's interest in this program by either completing a simple Expression of Interest Form or by speaking to the LMRF Director in your region who will be able to supply information regarding initial steps.

LMRF is committed to providing funding for world-class medical research so your support goes to these researchers and ensures that our foundation remains financially sustainable and can fund ongoing research.

Get in Touch

Do you have a question for our team? Please leave us a message via the online contact form.