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Supporting Medical Research Since 1963

Helping to find a cure

Over many years, our foundation has provided important funding for health and cancer research. This research has assisted greatly in the development of various cures and treatments. Through research, a greater understanding of diseases, their causes, detection, prevention and treatments has been developed.

Past research has been conducted in a variety of fields including Parkinson's disease, kidney disease, asthma, urodynamics, anti-venom, immunology, ophthalmology, toxicology, perinatal, schizophrenia, diabetes, skin cancer, cervical cancer, cord blood, in-vitro corneal transplant, cancer therapies, bone and joint disease.

Backed by a long history of supporting researchers in a variety of fields, we are committed to start-up funding for world-class medical research.

Lions Medical Research Foundation

Has a long history of supporting researchers across diverse fields. The research fellowships are typically offered for a three-year period and are intended for biomedical researchers within 10 years of their PhDs. Applicants must be an Australian Citizen or have Australian residency for the duration of the fellowship. The work to be conducted must be carried out in the state of Queensland at a university, teaching/research hospital, medical research institute or other approved research facilities.

Future fellowships have yet to be announced. Once applications are open, the website will be updated with timelines and details. Interested parties will be advised by email.

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