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This is a true story by the writer of this Blog regarding cancer & his father

In 2017 my uncle died from cancer. It was a slow and horrible death, he lost half his weight and was a shell of his once strong and powerful self.

In 2019 my father was diagnosed with cancer

In 2019 my father was diagnosed with cancer and started Chemotherapy. It was an uncomfortable treatment for him and there were a few side-affects but it started to work and after months of treatment, the cancer was gone.

But the following year it returned. His doctor said Chemo was not an option this time. I figured dad would soon follow his brother and meet their maker. However, the doctor had heard of an experimental new treatment that was in its research stage and recommended dad try it.

500-person trial

There were only 500 patients world-wide on this experimental trial and dad was the last one chosen. He was looked after by a team of specialist doctors and nurses, who treated him like a guinea pig in the nicest possible way. As he was administered this new drug once a week, they paid very close attention to him.

Lumps on his neck & body

The first sign that the treatment was working was when my sister noticed that the lumps on dad’s body which were hard were beginning to soften. Months later they were completely gone. And his cancer was beginning to disappear.

After nearly a year of treatment, the cancer has completely gone. And dad actually looks, acts and feels 5 years younger. He is still on this drug but only has to have it once a month for the rest of his life – but that’s not an issue at all.

Miracles do happen

We could not believe it. Dad was given a second chance at life. He is 83 years of age and is enjoying being around his family and grandkids. It’s a miracle that he was first chosen to take part in this experimental treatment and it was a miracle it worked so well.

Medical research does work

This experience changed my view on medical research. Witnessing first-hand on how it had healed my father, I have a new appreciation for medical research. It is saving lives and is doing so every day.

The Lions Medical Research Foundation is making a real difference and I know your donation is put to excellent use by the brightest minds. Thank you for donating.   

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