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How Ophthalmology is Helping Us to See the World More Clearly

Eye care has become an incredibly important part of our daily lives, and ophthalmology – the branch of medicine that studies the eyes, diagnoses and treats eye diseases and performs corrective treatments – is helping to make sure we can maintain healthy vision.

Treating a variety of conditions

Eye doctors are experts in treating a variety of conditions, ranging from common problems like nearsightedness or farsightedness to more serious issues such as glaucoma or age-related macular degeneration. They use advanced medical technologies to diagnose and treat these conditions, providing accurate diagnosis so they can identify the best treatment options for each individual patient.

Preventative care

Eye doctors also provide preventive care services, including regular examinations and tips on how to protect your vision from potential damage. With their help, patients can take proactive steps to preserve their vision and reduce their risk of developing serious eye conditions. Eye care is essential for everyone, regardless of age or medical history, as it can help us to see the world more clearly.

New technologies

Ophthalmology has come a long way in recent years with new technologies that allow doctors to diagnose and treat patients with greater accuracy than ever before. For instance, retinal imaging allows doctors to gain an up-close look at your eyes and detect even the smallest abnormalities in the retina quickly and easily. With this technology, they can identify signs of retinopathy, a condition which can put you at risk for vision loss if left untreated. Many ophthalmologists are also using lasers to treat eye conditions such as nearsightedness and cataracts. This all makes ophthalmology a valuable resource for maintaining optimal eye care.

Ongoing research

At the same time, ophthalmologists are also researching new ways to diagnose and treat eye diseases that were once thought incurable. For instance, stem cell research has allowed doctors to create treatments that can help restore vision in people with certain types of blindness.

Making a real difference

Throughout our 60 years of existence, the Lions Medical Research Foundation has supported medical research into Ophthalmology along with many other health conditions and illnesses. Based at Spring Hill – Queensland, we’re dedicated to improving the health and well-being of all Australians.

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